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English Assessment Testing

International students wishing to enter into the independent and private boarding schools in Australia are generally expected to undertake an English proficiency assessment entry test.  It is NOT a pass/fail test, but merely an assessment to provide schools the current levels of a student's ability across English, mathematics and non-verbal (abstract) reasoning.   Tests for English include an interview and a writing piece.   The total length of time set for an assessment test is approximately 2 hours.  


It should be noted that many schools will not accept IELTS results.   IELTS is a test that is suited to older students (i.e. over 18 years of age and generally aimed at University entry level students - not high-school-aged students).  IELTS does not assess mathematics or non-verbal reasoning skills, which are important assessments for schools to determine correct class levels and support on entry.   

Test Providers

There are two Assessment tests which are accepted by our schools to meet the schools' entry requirements.

It is important for all families, students and education agents to understand that neither of the test providers noted below are related in any way with any Government Department of Australia.  The test providers below are privately owned companies yet deliver exceptional assessment tests which are accepted by schools.    It should be noted that these providers also conduct education recruitment events so that families are able to meet school representatives which support the tes provider.   These events are not Government events, they are privately conducted events operated by the test provider.  These events are usually supported by the Australian Trade Commission (AUSTRADE).  Support by AUSTRADE is through AUSTRADE attending the event to provide families with information about the Australian Education System and International Student matters generally.  

About Approved Test Providers of our Schools

iSTARTOnline  website:

iSTARTOnline is a specialist assessment suitable for school-aged students from 10 years to 18 years of age.   The last known cost of this test is AUD$480.00.   Registration for testing is offered via the iSTARTOnline website.   Testing centres are plentiful and as such students only need to wait 3 days from registering to be tested to undertake the test.   Reports are issued within 7 days following test completion.   This means a student can register for a test, be tested and reports issued all within 14 days.    This test report is accepted test by all ABSi member schools, and many other schools in Australia. 

The testing is online and supervised by approved testing centres/supervisors.

Reports are extensive with detailed comments, incredible diagnostics which indicate a student's strengths and weaknesses in a breakdown of areas tested and as well, provides a benchmark in mathematics and non-verbal reasoning sections against normed data of the same current year level/age that are currently in schools in Australia.    This provides schools in-depth information about the capability of a student and what support would be required on entry.  The report also recommends how many weeks of a high school preparation English course prior to entering mainstream classes would benefit the student.  It is a preferred test of ABSI schools.   Testing is conducted worldwide. 

Australian Education Assessment Services (AEAS)

Please visit the AEAS website for information: as AEAS requested we remove their information from our schools' official ABSI website. We apologise for any inconvenience.

iSTARTOnline Assessment Test
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